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Help Your Kids Prevent Cavities With A Pediatric Dentist


It is not easy to raise a child. A kid who doesn’t understand the meaning of oral care is hard to convince. For example, if you ask your child to brush their teeth before bed, they might not do it or forget about it. This happens when you do not teach them the importance of oral care. 

If your child is careless about their teeth, it is time to take them to a pediatric dentist in Myers Park, Charlotte, NC. Along with checking your child’s dental health, you will allow them to become more educated about their teeth and gums.  

Common causes of childhood cavities

Cavities normally form in younger children when mouth bacteria feed upon the food particles left behind after eating sugary items. The acid level of your mouth increases, leading to plaque formation, eroding and weakening of enamel, and eventually leading to tooth decay. In extreme cases, your child may experience severe tooth pain requiring immediate medical attention or even premature tooth loss.

A healthy diet is the key.

The soft tissues in your child’s mouth need a balanced diet. Your dentist may suggest you change your young one’s diet to keep their teeth and bones healthy and strong. Provide your children with nutritious food in the right proportions. Eating unhealthy and packaged food items like chips, candies, and chocolates leads to tooth loss and decay. 

When your child does not brush their teeth properly, and food particles remain in their mouth longer than they should, it starts causing damage. Items like low-fat cheese, yogurt, and vegetables are healthier for your children. 

Do fluoride treatments help?

Fluoride strengthens your teeth and helps fight corrosive acids released by bacteria that cause enamel eroding. They limit the accumulation of harmful microbes and bacteria on the teeth and aid the strength of the parts that have begun to decay. 

One of the best parts about fluoride treatment is that it does not take more than 30 minutes to get done. Your child won’t have to miss school; you do not have to take a day off work or miss any important appointments. 

Dental sealants.

Another way to prevent your child’s tooth from cavities is dental sealants. Your child may struggle to reach the molars while brushing or flossing their teeth. 

This is why a pediatric dentist highly recommends getting a dental sealant. This acrylic material is applied to your teeth’ depressions, grooves, and spaces, protecting them from tooth cavities and decay. 

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