Introduction To Cannabis Drinks: A Quick Guide!


There are numerous ways to enjoy cannabis. As more cannabis users become wary of smoking and vaping, they are keen on trying alternatives. This is the precise reason why the market is overflowing with cannabis edibles, but have you tried a cannabis-infused drink? Yes, that’s one of the fun and easy ways to enjoy marijuana, and it would make sense to both experienced and new users. Brands like Kalvara have made it possible to turn any drink into a THC-infused experience, and in this post, we are sharing more on cannabis drinks and beverages.

The science behind cannabis drinks

Cannabis contains compounds called cannabinoids, of which THC and CBD are the most important ones. THC is the only psychoactive compound in cannabis, but like other cannabinoids, it is not water soluble. Brands have now come up with water-based cannabis extracts, which is high on THC content and can be added to any drink. You can make your own cannabis smoothie, or can try ready cocktails.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of cannabis drinks that are hard to ignore. First and foremost, you can be very precise with the dosage. With smoking, vaping or using a dab rig for concentrates, it is very hard to be sure of how much cannabis you may have consumed. For new users, cannabis drinks are a better choice, because they can get the effects and experience desired. Secondly, cannabis drinks are a good alternative to smoking. Smoking has its own hazards, and more cannabis users are aware of that. If health is your prime concern, you may want to switch to edibles and drinks that are infused with THC. Thirdly, you can be discreet with your cannabis drinks. No one needs to know that your cocktail or milkshake has THC!

Other things to know

Are cannabis drinks high on calories? Well, as far as formulation of the extract is concerned, there are no added calories, but you are consuming calories from the drink. In other words, add cannabis extract to milk, and you can reduce the calorie count. With cannabis drinks, you have better bioavailability, so the experience sets in immediately, and you can expect the effects to last longer than other forms of cannabis consumption.

Final word

Let’s not forget that cannabis is all about experience, and the “high” you get comes from THC. When you go for drinks that have precise dosage of THC, you can have a fun and happy experience.

Pax Sandy
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