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Know Your Options –Alternatives For Dental Implants 


Many people have lost one or more teeth due to some injuries, oral disease, trauma, etc. However, it is necessary to replace damaged teeth. While thinking about tooth replacement options, many people consider dental implants as their first choice. They function and look like natural teeth and help prevent jaw bone loss. 

However, everyone is not the same. For many patients, it may not be the best choice. Some patients do not prefer it personally or are restricted due to some medical reasons. It is important to know all the available options. Contact a specialist for dental implants in Coconut Creek, FL today to determine which alternative is most suitable according to your dental condition. 

Top four alternatives for dental implants

  • Dental bridges.

Dental bridges are suggested for people who have one or more teeth missing. The missing tooth is supported by dental crowns. However, you must have healthy teeth to support dental bridges. 

Dental bridges are customized. It fits your mouth perfectly and does not slip or become loose. You can easily chew and speak while wearing them. It looks more natural and is super easy to clean and maintain.

  • Full mouth dentures.

One of the most common alternatives for dental implants is full-mouth dentures. It becomes your perfect option to go with if you have lost all of your teeth. Dentures will also provide you with a natural look. It seems like you have a perfect set of healthy, natural, and strong teeth. However, you will not be able to enjoy every food and your diet might get restricted. 

  • Denture attachments.

Denture attachments are other alternatives for dental implants. There are different ways you can install them in your teeth. Traditionally glue and suction were used to hold the dentures in place. However, modern denture attachments get locked in place by taking advantage of crowns. 

Patients can easily remove or wear them while cleaning. It is a more comfortable and less painful alternative for dental implants.

  • Resin bonded bridge.

Resin-bonded bridges are similar to dental bridges. They appear and perform like natural teeth. The false tooth is attached with the help of resin, unlike with the help of adjacent teeth in dental bridges. To hold the false tooth in position, the resin is placed just behind the teeth. The good news is that the procedure is less invasive and easily reversible.

Depending on your dental health and various other factors, your dentist can decide the best course of action. 

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