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Qualities That Make Family Dentistry Truly Family-Friendly 


If you have a spouse and children and want to take care of their dental health, you would want to look for a good family dentist. A family dentist is not the same as a regular dentist. A family dentist possesses certain services and qualities that an ordinary dentist may not have. That is why you should invest your time to find the right one who can meet all your needs. 

The best thing about visiting a family dentist is that they can treat patients of all age groups. You would not have to worry about your kids being in the wrong hands. It is important to know which qualities make a good family dentist. Consult with a family dentist in Kensington, CA, today. 

Qualities that make family dentistry truly family-friendly 

  • Availability for emergency care. 

An important part of choosing a family dentist is determining whether they are available for emergency dental care services. You need to know whether they will be available when your kids and family need dental care at the last minute. The dentist should have flexible timings, and their clinic should be in close proximity to your house so that traveling does not become a concern. 

  • Compassionate towards their patient. 

Family dentists deal with patients of all age groups, from little kids to full-grown adults. Therefore, the dentist and their staff must have the qualities and skills to make all their patients feel at ease. Going into a dentist’s office and sitting on a chair with your mouth wide open is not a comfortable experience. Family dentists should perform their procedures in a gentle way. 

  • Comprehensive services. 

Since family dentists take care of a wide range of people, it is important to make sure that they provide various services to meet the needs of everyone. Basic dental services like cleaning, dental examinations, etc., are for everyone, but make sure they have specialized services, too, such as cosmetic treatments, RCT, oral surgery, etc. 

  • Consider the fees. 

It is recommended to talk to the dentist about their fees and how they are assessed so that you know whether you can afford to take your entire family there for check-ups. The American healthcare system can be confusing when it comes to insurance coverage. You should ensure that your current insurance policy covers your dental healthcare or at least some part of it. When you book your initial consultation, ask them about prices and estimates. 

If you have been looking for a good family dentist for your loved ones, you can explore Kensington Dental Care. 

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