Things Medical Cannabis Users Need To Know!

By Pax Sandy Jul11,2020

A lot has been written about medical cannabis. More than half of the states in the US have legalized medical marijuana, and as many as 11 states have also allowed for recreational use. There are different mental & physical health conditions for which medical cannabis can be prescribed. Patients must have a valid prescription from their physician and must obtain their medical cannabis card, also called MMC. Now, before you buy medical cannabis, here are some things worth knowing.

Types of cannabis strains

There are different strains of cannabis, which can be divided into three categories – Indicas, Sativas and Hybrid. Most strains that medical dispensaries sell are hybrids, which are either Sativa or Indica-dominant. Indica strains are known to be high on THC – the only compound in cannabis that’s psychoactive, or causes a high, while Sativa strains are high on CBD or cannabidiol, known for its therapeutic benefits. If you are unsure of the kind of strain that may work for you, find a reliable and licensed dispensary, such as Fluent cannabis, and their budtenders can help you select the right strain for your condition.

Choosing between products

For recreational purposes, most people like smoking or vaping, and for medical usage, things don’t change much, but there are a wide range of products. You can choose between pre-rolls, concentrates, and buds to choose from. Seasoned users prefer concentrates, which contain a concentrated amount of THC and terpenes, and therefore, the experience is quite smooth and effective. However, beginners should ideally start with edibles or smoking dried & cured buds, because the experience is easier to control.

Things to consider

Keep in mind that medical cannabis must be purchased from a licensed dispensary only, and most states have a limit to how much can be purchased at one go. Also, do check for THC level of ready concentrates and strains, because it determines the kind of “high” you would experience. Also, it is wise to start slow, as cannabis works differently for every person. Marijuana is recommended for many conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, PTSD, depression, epilepsy, and it may have some use in treatment of cancer. If you are trying edibles, start slow and wait for the experience to set in.

Final word

As a medical cannabis user, you have to ensure that your supplies are protected from others. Also, don’t shy away from asking questions when you visit a dispensary for products.

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