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Aesthetic Benefits Of Laser Refractive Surgery


If you are a woman with myopia, hypermetropia, or astigmatism, you should work hard when getting ready to go out and meet eye cataract surgeon near me. Especially because what’s the use of investing in good makeup and perfecting the look when you need to have your glasses or contact lenses? Not to mention that both glasses and lenses, at various times, become a limiter since both cannot be used for 24 hours. With that in mind, refractive surgery is highly sought after, as it can eliminate serious visual problems.

But the truth is that many people when they hear about “laser surgery,” are afraid and imagine it to be serious and unpredictable. However, some vision problems, if not corrected, can lead to partial or even total blindness. That is why it is important to prioritize this surgery with kraff eye institute for example, which helps prevent these cases from becoming bigger and guarantees the independence of accessories for grade correction.

As an alternative to saying goodbye to glasses and enhancing aesthetics, laser surgery allows for a painless, quick, and efficient solution to vision. Thus, those inconveniences of sleeping with glasses, going into the pool without taking your contact lenses off, and seeing everything blurry will have their days numbered.

Currently, there are two main types of laser refractive surgery: Lasik and PRK. The first consists of making an ultrathin cut in the layer that precedes the cornea and directing the laser to remodel it, adapting the focus point of objects in the eye. The second, on the other hand, removes an extremely thin layer of cells from the eyeball, known as the epithelium, and does not cut.

With technology in your favor, there’s no reason to waste time with glasses or putting on lenses and still deprive yourself of expressing your face through beautiful eye shadow or dream makeup. In addition to investing in beauty and practicality, laser surgery provides incomparable benefits to your eye health.

Know That Laser Eye Surgery Is Painless

The surgery is quick and painless, performed with anesthesia only by eye drops. The laser application never lasts more than 20 seconds, and you will be released in less than 10 minutes. If after reading all these benefits you are excited but still worried, why not leave us a comment now, telling us what you think of our post and Send us any other questions you have?

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