Parenting 101: All About On Infant Dental Care

By Pax Sandy Jul26,2020

Parenting is never easy. The first year of your child is particularly important – from scheduling regular appointments with pediatrician, to vaccinations and nutrition, everything needs attention. As a result, parents often forget about dental health. Pediatric dentists recommend the first visit by the age of 1, and you don’t need to wait for your baby to have a full set of teeth. In this post, we are sharing tips on infant dental care that are worth knowing.

Understanding the basics

When it comes to dental care for infants, it’s best to start right at childbirth. Establishing a routine will help you adhere to it for the first year. Every time you nurse the baby, consider using a wet soft cloth to clean the gums of your baby. There are tooth wipes available that can be used too. Apart from that, you don’t need any other product. When you see the first tooth, you may avoid brushing, but if you want to, use a toothbrush that’s designed specifically for infants. Make sure you give no bottles at night.

When to see a pediatric dentist?

Ideally, by the age of one, you should schedule the first appointment. Alternatively, you can go for a checkup when you see the first tooth. The pediatric dentist will do a thorough examination, with a lot of care, to keep a check on the development of teeth. The dentist will also explain on the basics and answer any questions you may have. Note that pediatric dentists have completed two to three years of additional training after dental school, and you can totally trust them.

Is your baby teething?

For many parents, finding the first signs of teething is hard, because they simply don’t know what to expect. You may find the baby is suddenly fussy or is refusing a bottle. The most common sign of teething is biting on almost anything, and you may find that the baby is trying to ‘chew’ your fingers, and there are also special toys that can be given. Other signs of teething include drooling and light fever.

Final word

Seeing a pediatric dentist is an absolute must, and make sure that you don’t delay the first appointment. Your dentist will also guide you further on how to maintain dental health of the child for the next couple of years, before she/he is ready to use a toothbrush on their own. Check online for pediatric dental clinics near you!

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