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Recommended health check to be done


At medical check up Singapore,  the following are some of the checks which you will require to do:

Checks for women

  • Mammogram which is an x-ray that is performed on the breasts for checking for any developing breast cancer
  • Pap smear where your gynecologist or doctor will utilize a special stick in taking cells from your cervix which goes to the laboratory for examination for any cancerous cells.
  • Bone density test where a special can is used in determining how strong or weak the density of your bones are. The weak bones can denote that you are at risk of getting osteoporosis
  • Colonoscopy when you reach the age of 50 years

Checks for men

  • Examination for prostate where the doctors go ahead testing for prostate cancer by doing some digital rectal examination and even an antigen blood test that is prostate-specific.
  • Testicular cancer test which is an exam that has to be done during routine physical
  • Colonoscopy from the age of 50 years

All the above tests might seem to be quite overwhelming but by having to talk to your doctor regarding the history of your health during your first check up, it will assist in helping to plan them better.

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