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Regular Health – Eye Bone Connected to the Liver Bone


Recollect this song?…”thigh bone associated with the shin bone…shin bone associated with the lower leg bone…” it makes me laugh. I can’t recall the setting for this youth melody, yet it was a decent learning apparatus about how our body is “precisely” associated.

There is likewise a connectedness in our body that isn’t “mechanical”. There is interconnectedness between body parts that doesn’t bode well in the “mechanical” model, yet it does in the “all encompassing” model. This is a major piece of the distinction in ordinary medication and all encompassing medication. This all encompassing interconnectedness has its premise in the Eastern model. For instance, needle therapy works on this hypothesis of interconnectedness – that is the reason a needle in the toe may help the genuine annoyance.

In Chinese medication and in the eastern mending expressions – the eyes are associated with the liver. I found out about this years prior in my macrobiotic cooking classes. At the point when we eat liver strong nourishments we can support our vision.

My acupuncturist Wayne and I were talking a week ago about the gigantic medical advantages of the Ningxia Red juice. I revealed to him that I expanded the sum I was drinking from the prescribed one ounce daily to 4 – 6 ounces. I did this since I heard Marcella Von Harding from Young Living suggest that with the higher portion we can truly observe the supernatural occurrences. I saw an improvement in my vision inside multi week. I additionally remarked to Wayne that individuals anticipate that this juice should be genuine sweet like different squeezes available.

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