Take responsibility for your sexual activity and book a chlamydia test today

Life is treating you very well. You are a young professional doing well in your chosen career and are a popular member of the team at work. You enjoy your spare time too, playing sport and going out to socialise quite a lot, especially at weekends when you hit the town with your friends.

Indeed, your popularity is extremely high among the female fraternity with your chat and good looks. You have become active sexually with a partner who you are becoming closer to, despite not being completely loyal. Now you are in a bit of a panic as you are in pain when urinating, and have noticed a white, cloudy, and watery discharge coming from the tip of your penis. Your Urethra has a burning sensation, and you are suffering from painful testicles. It is time to take a chlamydia test for men for the following 4 reasons.

  1. Chlamydia is a relatively common sexually transmitted disease among that doesn’t always have symptoms, so it’s not a bad idea to be tested yearly if you are sexually active with a partner of the opposite sex. But if you are suffering from the symptoms, it is extra important to be tested. You should be tested more regularly, like every few months if you have sex with men or a transgender diverse person with a penis.
  2. Chlamydia is usually contracted after having sex with partners who are already infected, therefore if you don’t get tested you are highly likely to pass it on to others. This is completely irresponsible and unfair, as it will cause both physical and emotional pain to others.
  3. If you test positive, it is vital to ensure that any sexual partners are also tested. If untreated, chlamydia in women lead to cause pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and even infertility.
  4. It is important not to have sex until you have taken your full dosage of medicine to treat the disease. A test is usually painless and is in the form of a urine sample. Women might be asked to provide the same or take a swab from inside their vagina.

Getting tested for chlamydia is a sign of being a responsible sexually active adult. It is quick and painless, but not treating it will lead to awkward situations and can possibly deprive a female partner from having children. Do the right thing and book a test today.

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