A Delicious Way To Consume Cannabis: Edibles

By Pax Sandy Feb7,2021

People around the world are now aware of cannabis. They are used for multiple purposes and are available in various forms like concentrated cannabis and edibles. This article will focus on cannabis edibles.

What are edibles?

In simple terms, edibles are food products containing cannabis. These include bakery products such as candies, cake, chocolates, and beverages like coffee, soft drinks, etc. Nowadays, people are aware of the medical health benefits of cannabis. Thus its intake has tremendously increased. There are many ways to intake cannabis, they are:

  • Smoking cannabis by oil pipes or water is the most popular way to intake it.
  • Dabbing is another preferred way of intake. Cannabis is smoked through vaping or e-cigarette. It is highly preferred because of its odorless, easy to hide, and smokeless features.
  • The last way is to use cannabis as edibles.

As mentioned earlier, people are now using cannabis more for medicinal purposes than recreational purposes. The subsequent paragraphs discuss the health benefits and risks related to edibles.

Health benefits of edibles

  • According to a study conducted in 2019, about 79% of people having difficulty in sleeping observed a control over it after taking cannabis. It is because of the THC content present in it. THC gives edibles a psychoactive impact.
  • The CBD content in edibles is a natural pain reliever. They are known to provide relief to patients suffering from neuropathic pain, cancer pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.
  • In conditions such as muscle spasm, it is recommended to take medical cannabis.
  • Cannabis is a known treatment of epilepsy because of the presence of CBD content which shows antiseizure effects.

These are the various benefits you get from taking edibles. You can mix edibles in any of your favorite products and make it a delicious way to intake cannabis.

Risks possessed by edibles

  • Accidental ingestion: Cannabis is healthy for you only when you are an adult. Intake of cannabis by children or pets poses serious risks. Therefore make sure to keep it in a place away from them.
  • Other medicines: If you are taking any other medicine or therapy, chances are that the cannabis will react with it, intensifying the process. So, it is recommended to contact your therapist or doctor before taking cannabis with an ongoing medication process.
  • Overdose: It is important to take edibles in a certain amount. As with any other cannabis product, taking an overdose of edibles can cause severe effects.

All the risks mentioned above happens because of carelessness. If you are a careful cannabis consumer, you are on the safe side. You can make your recipes using edibles and enjoy them whenever you want.

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