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Lower Back Pains: Back Pain Treatment Singapore


Back pains are unpleasant pains that people feel, especially adults. It is rare among children, the only factor that can attribute to back pains in children is when they carry heavy backpacks. For adults, lots of things could be a factor in this. Back pains are problems for several Singaporeans due to their lifestyles during this digital age. Eighty percent of Singaporeans experience lower back pain a minimum of once in their life and at some point, the matter will return if it doesn’t get completely treated.

Causes Of Low Back Pains

Numerous causes contribute to back pain:

1.Lifting heavy objects

2.Desk bound job

3.Heavy backpacks

  1. Obesity
  2. Accidents
  3. Falls
  4. Sports Injuries
  5. Old age
  6. Underlying health conditions


  1. Have a healthy weight.
  2. Exercise regularly. Do the right exercises because doing the wrong exercise can cause back pains.
  3. Lift with your legs. Do not your back as you would not want to strain your muscles or spinal cord.
  4. Ensure that your work position is not contributing to your back pain. Sitting or standing for long could cause back pains.

Back pain Treatment Singapore.

  1. Rest
  2. Physical therapy
  3. Medication
  4. Keep good posture
  5. Maintain a healthy weight
  6. Stop smoking
  7. Surgery
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