Is It Possible to Remove Tattoo Sleeve?


If you have a sleeve tattoo and want to get rid of it, you may be wondering if it’s possible somehow. Are you looking to remove the tattoo completely or just lighten it up and cover it with different artwork? Just keep in mind that just as getting your tattoo was an investment of both money and time, removal of a tattoo sleeve is also a commitment since it takes more time to remove it from a big area. But, it can be done and the process can provide you with your desired results:

Sleeve Tattoo Removal Sessions

Often, it takes some sessions to remove any tattoo and a sleeve tattoo will take quite a few. There are different factors to consider when removing a tattoo and the number of sessions for every tattoo will vary based on factors such as the skin type and color of the skin, the length of time the tattoo has been there, the tattoo’s size and location, as well as the ink colors.

The bigger the tattoo the more sessions it will take. More sessions are required for darker colors and recent ones. Laser tattoo removal involves the use of a special patch that is more effective in every session, which leads to fewer sessions overall. Make sure to consult with a professional at laser tattoo removal center so you can be given an estimate as to the number of sessions your sleeve tattoo will require.

When You can See Results

Tattoo removal does not bring immediate results. The laser breaks down the ink into small enough particles that your body cells remove the ink themselves. Such a process takes time and it’s the reason experts recommend you wait 4-6 weeks between sessions. As you have more sessions, you will notice your tattoo fading and it may take weeks after you complete all your sessions and see your tattoo totally unnoticeable.

After every session, you can expect to experience immediate discomfort to the affected area like swelling, redness warming sensation, tenderness or pain, scabbing, numbness, and bruising. For the majority of people, such symptoms go away after a few days or weeks. But, for faster recovery, you can use ice and special topical creams. Your tattoo removal specialist may recommend an antibiotic to help fight any infection during the recovery phase. Also, they may ask you to change your diet or lifestyle to help accelerate the process and minimize long-term effects.

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