Learn the Difference between Green Vein Thai and Red Vein Thai Kratom

By Pax Sandy Jun22,2020

Kratom is a tropical tree, which is known to have certain therapeutic and health benefits. It is popular in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia, specifically in traditional medicine and to relieve anxiety. Websites like In Sense Botanicals now offer varied strains and blends of kratom in the western world. Of all, green and red veined kratom Thai kratom are most popular.

Let us make a comparative study between the green/red vein Thai kratom, in this short write up to increase our awareness of these ancient herbal products, which have been in use in South East Asian countries for many long years.

As a matter of fact, by providing two different naming profiles, kratom industry has actually offered all buyers of kratom an easy and shorthand guide for understanding the type of Kratom that they are buying.

We will take the example, of buying a “Red vein powder of Thai Kratom”

Red Vein

Often you will find that this kind of products are shortened by just mentioning the color “red,” and with this kind of labeling, the supplier wants you to know that color of leaf of the stems and veins prior to their processing.

Although, all these are usually removed before the leaves are grinded, but still small amounts of flecks may remain within the powder, which is hinting at the vein color while doing visual examination.

The color of all these stems also indicate the maturity of these leaves, if its white then it is the youngest, if green then it is in the middle, in case of red, it will be the most matured variety and also indicate alkaloid composition of final product.


The next part of the nomenclature will announce about the country from where the Kratom was originally grown. Though, kratom grown and found in all throughout Southeast Asian countries, which are genetically quite similar, but each growing region has different.

  • Soil composition
  • Humidity level
  • Temperature

All these can affect the formation of the alkaloids in these leaves.


This will tell you in what form you’re red or green vein Thai kratom will be delivered to you. The 2 most common forms:

  • Powder that is simply grinded leaves
  • Extract which is more concentrated form, which is referred to as either concentrate or “ultra”.

You can also get kratom in the form of capsules too, which will provide you a precisely measured amount of kratom.    

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