5 Simple Steps For Making The Perfect Cannabutter!

By Pax Sandy Jul3,2020

If you are someone who doesn’t mind trying different kinds of marijuana products, you should definitely add edibles to your wish list. In case you cannot find marijuana edibles at a dispensary near you, it’s easy to make some at home. All you need is cannabis butter, also called cannabutter, which can be added to any recipe of your choice to make edibles. In this post, we are sharing a simple cannabutter recipe that can make your edible-making experience worth it.

Ingredients: Cannabis (dried buds – strain of your choice) and butter!

Making the cannabis butter

  • The first step in making cannabutter is to decide the ratio of cannabis to butter. Just because you can add more doesn’t mean you should add as much. Ideally, around one ounce of cannabis is ideal for a pound of unsalted or salted butter of your choice.
  • Start by crushing the cannabis gently. Next, take a big baking sheet and line it up with foil. Now, preheat your oven at 225 degrees, and place your cannabis in the oven for about 60 minutes. Make sure that you check in better. The idea is to activate the cannabinoids in cannabis, which will help you get the high you want from your cannabutter.
  • Now that your cannabis is ready to be used, you need to prep for the butter. Add four cups of water in a pot and set it to boil. Add your butter (make sure that the measurement is right) to the pot to melt.

  • Add your cannabis to the mix, and let the mixture on a low setting. The water will start to boil, and in between, you just need to stir it all together. The mixture must be on the heat for about 90 minutes.
  • Take a big bowl and cover it cheesecloth. Make sure that you use quality cheesecloth for the purpose. Now, strain the liquid mix on the cloth, and you will see that the remains of cannabis have been filtered out. Press the remainder gentle to get every drop of that of good cannabis mix.

The last step is to cool the liquid, and what you get on the top is the best quality cannabis butter without any additives or residue. Be a little gentle when you remove the butter, which will be on the top of the liquid. Cannabutter can be stored for months in the freezer, and if you want to use it immediately for making edibles, plan to finish in about 10 days.

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