Have you ever given much thought to the power of healing crystals?


Have you ever given much thought to the power of healing crystals?Maybe you are interested in the power of crystals but don’t know where to start. Read on to find out about the power of healing crystals.

For thousands of years and across all cultures, people have used crystals as a way to heal and mend the subtle energies of the body and soul. There is now increasing scientific evidence to back up what was once thought to be a mere theory. The science behind healing crystals is very interesting and former sceptics are now starting to believe what native cultures have been saying for thousands of years… Crystals can heal!

The Science Behind Crystal Healing

Crystals all have their own unique vibrational frequency to which they vibrate. In the same way, the cells of the human body also have a base frequency to which they vibrate. The science of crystal healing is that placing certain crystals on or around specific parts of the body can assist the cells in maintaining their base frequency by expelling unwanted energies from the cell.

The Most Common Healing Crystals

There are many different types of healing crystals that are used for a variety of reasons. Among the most famous and widely used healing crystals are the following:

  • Amethyst – The undeniable beauty of the deep purple hues of amethyst has been used as a healing crystal since prehistory. Among its many uses are an ability to connect people to their spiritual side. In modern times it has been reported to help relieve a hangover by placing the stones on ones forehead whilst laying and
  • Tiger Eye – This beautiful stone draws the eye into its array of browns and oranges. It has been linked to wealth and money and is thought to bring good luck, lower stress, increase confidence and mental clarity.
  • Turquoise – Throughout history this blue stone has been thought to connect one to their higher self and to protect against negative energy, bad luck and even accidents. Now very common in gem stores all over the world, turquoise is a cheap go-to stone for healing qualities.
  • Rose Quartz – Often referred to as the ‘crystal of love’, this healing crystal is commonly used to find and keep love. It is thought to promote strong relationships and help heal the pain of a broken heart. Among its other proposed health benefits are that it balances your chakra system, assists in raising confidence and promotes a feeling of self-love.

Do your own research to discover wonderful healing crystals can can help you keep your own body’s subtle energies in harmony.

Pax Sandy
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